Schedule of Fees & Charges

There are 3 ways that Compass Capital Solutions Ltd. can be paid for our services:

1. Implementation Fees and Management Fees (investment portfolios and pensions only)

  • Annual Management Fees for investment and pension portfolios are based on a percentage of assets under management and generally charged on a quarterly basis. Compass Private Wealth typically charge up to 0.90% p.a. on the value of funds under management

  • Initial implementation fees of up to 2% for portfolio implementation can be charged as an initial, one-off amount. This fee depends on the complexity of the case

  • All of the above fees can be deducted from the client's investment or pension account on a one-off quarterly basis.

2. We can also charge fees using an hourly rate which is based on the time involved in servicing the client. This hourly rate for Directors is €275 per hour and any support staff used are chargeable at €90 per hour.

3. Product Producer Commission: We can also be remunerated by receiving a commission (upfront and / or ongoing) from the Product Producer with whom we have an agency agreement with and with whom we place business. If we receive commission then this amount will be off-set against the fees charged in the first and second options above. 

All of our fees charged and commissions received are made completely transparent at all times and clients are made aware of our fee structure prior to engaging us in business. VAT at the standard rate may also be charged in addition to the above. 

Our clients can choose which form of remuneration they wish to put in place. 

See below some of our regulatory documents:

Company Registration Office (CRO) documents:

Important Notes: 

  • Compass Capital Solutions does not handle client money directly. We act as the Intermediary between the client and the product provider.

  • Our business abides by the Consumer Protection Code 2012. The full code can be found here.

  • Our financial accounts are independently audited every 12 months.

  • We carry out extensive due diligence into the custodian of all of our client assets. This information can be provided to our clients on request.