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Our Investment Proposition:

Bespoke Solution

  • At Compass Private Wealth, we offer clients a bespoke investment solution that is tailored to their specific needs.
  • By understanding each client's particular appetite to risk, investment objectives and requirements, we ensure that each investment portfolio is in line with their particular situation. 
  • We regularly review each client's investment solution to take account of changes in the global market environment and any changes to the client's financial circumstances or appetite to risk.


  • Fundamental to our philosophy is remaining impartial at all times with clients.
  • Because we don't run any proprietary funds or investment themes, we don't have any bias or preference for any particular fund or investment product. We avoid conflicts of interest at all times.
  • Throughout the client relationship, we very much emphasise and prioritise full transparency so that the client understands exactly how their funds are allocated and what the risks are. Engaging clients regularly and encouraging lots of communication is key in this process. 


  • Diversifying your exposure within investment markets is of utmost importance in order to reduce volatility and spread risk.
  • At Compass Private Wealth, we diversify in terms of the following: 
    • Asset class: Equities / Fixed Income / Alternatives / Cash
    • Geography: Ireland / UK / Europe / North America, Far East, Emerging Markets
    • Sector: Ensuring that our Equity exposure is spread into a number of different industries
    • Active v passive management style: A mix of active managers and passive ETF
    • Type of Investment: See column on the right hand side of this page

Types of Investments:

When implementing client portfolios, we generally use 3 distinct asset class types:

  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). To achieve low-cost, passive and transparent exposure to certain geographies and sectors.

  • Investment Trusts. To invest in certain equity markets through active fund managers by using closed-end investment companies

  • Open-Ended Funds. To provide a diversified, transparent exposure to certain markets through well-established fund managers.

The type of investment used when populating a client portfolio will depends on a number of different factors such as the: 

  • Client's preferences
  • Type of Portfolio & pricing structure
  • Prevailing market environment
  • Level of inherent risk

Best-in-class global investment model

  • By using international investment research and partnering with global funds and investment companies with proven track records, we believe that we offer clients a truly global investment model. 
  • Through both the Life Company Model and the Stockbroking platforms we use, we select the top performing fund managers globally by using third party research and carrying out our own due diligence also. 

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